Burlesque Workshop in Amsterdam for YOUR hen party / bachelorette, birthday etc.
Embrace your womanhood and have fun with your girlfriends!

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There is no nudity during this burlesque workshop (unless you want to: we do have pasties/tassles and professional glue etc.). It's not just about striptease or only a choreography. Your coach, who besides being a burlesque starlet, also is a drama teacher, she uses the burlesque theme for a series of fun practices. You also get to learn some fun and juicy neuroscience facts and background information regarding burlesque!


It's not about how to tease a man, but about celebrating your femininity and having fun with your girlfriends!

Fun filled Burlesque workshop where you can release your inner diva! Learn to tease like Dita von Teese, pose like a pin-up girl, be sexy like Marilyn Monroe. But there is much more! It's all about women's empowerment!

We mix Burlesque dance, theater, costumes & props with juicy neuroscience brain-robics! Amazing teachers with a true passion for taking you on a journey in the Burlesque world & its archetypes! A hilarious, touching, inspiring afternoon guaranteed!

Discover the Diva, Femme Fatale, Bad Girl or Comedy Queen in yourself. You'll learn how to develop your burlesque alter-ego. At the end, you and your group will be a bonafide bevy of burlesque starlettes by putting on your own little burlesque show for each other. But during this workshop you also will get to know your friends (and yourself) a little bit better, all through humor and theatrical games. The main person (bachelorette, birthday girl) will be put in the centre of attention in a lovely way.



Price for the Burlesque Workshop is 35- Euro Per person
(minimum = € 280,- euro equals 8 persons) Including glass of Cava, chocolate /bonbons and use of accessories. No hidden costs.
Discounts for groups more then 10.

You can use our 20 corsets, 24 large feathered fans, hats, gloves, dance skirts. boas and more props to make the atmosphere and pictures complete!

One of our locations is on the border of 'De Jordaan' / old Amsterdam.

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All our teachers are professional performers and experienced teachers. 

The team of are -since 2008- the very first provider of this specialised workshop in the Netherlands!


"This is
the real deal."


More information or bookings: Mail or call +31 620750027

"The teacher is a wonderful lady who put every participant at ease. Lovely interactive workshop for groupbonding.
Tears of happiness rolled over the cheeks during the 'Love Shower'.
We entered the room like a girl and we left like vamp ;)"
- The KittyKat girls bachelorette party

"Every burlesque workshop I start with telling women that in Burlesque every woman is beautiful. Every woman is considered a piece of art.
And it doesn't matter which size or age you are. And that moving your hips, walking proud, with an open chest is healthy. During the excercises we throw out all bodyshame. It is amazing what happens when I tell them that they can be shamelessly feminine.
They all become so free, so beautiful... It touches me deeply every time!
At the end of the workshop when we do compliment showers women often shed a tear.
With opening the body they remember something very deep, that sometimes they never allowed during their lives. I love it!
I love all women.
Consider yourself as a piece of art.
And you are beautiful... "
..........................................................................................- Coach Nina


Snapshots at our burlesque workshop.


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"The burlesque workshop was the high light of our day!"

"We where warmly welcomed by manager marco, he made us feel at easy immedeately.
Then he introduced coach La Nina and the show began! This workshop was magical!
She gave us all her positive energy. We shared moment we will never forget.
Full of strong emotion, girl power and tenderness! Thanks to this wonderful team!"
Charlotte (FR)

"Super thanks for this workshop! Everyone enjoyed and participated very well.
The teacher is a wonderful lady who put every participant at ease, she had a role for every character/type of girl.
Lovely interactive workshop for groupbonding.
And last but not least: The love-shower...yes: tears of happiness rolled over the cheeks. So it was a success!
We entered the room like a girl and we left like vamp ;)"

The KittyKat girls (pic above)

"A wonderful burlesque workshop with a wink, not lowbrow!"

"Because of the burlesque workshop we had a top-day.
The group was put at ease and that resulted in very funny scenes.
Compliments for the teacher and thanks!"
Jessica - hen party

"We booked the burlesque workshop for my best friend's bachelortte party.
For all of us it was ones in a lifetime experience full of joy, fun and sexappeal.
We felt beautiful, sexy, attractive and confident with our body. Most of all we appreciated the experience of our teacher, Nina,
her charm and professional way of teaching, taught us a lot about how to be feminine
and bring value with the right feminine attitude. We definitely think about doing this experience again and more often.
It was awesome!"
Alina - expat bachelorette party

"It was fun! Thank you for all your help. We were really pleased with the activity"
Kristen - producer British television programm "Coach Trip"

"It was very nice! the teacher knows how to break the tension with humor...I enjoyed the
workshop and I'm lookin' forward for another one, to integrate dancing, acting and havin fun...!
Wendy (UK)

"Everybody enjoyed it very much, The teacher is a good coach and dancer!"
Jessy - just for fun workshop met girlfriends

"Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop. The teacher was excellent
and it was a good addition to our programm "

senior coördinator 'museum night'

"Everybody enjoyed it very much, The teacher is a good coach and dancer!"
Jessy - just for fun workshop met girlfriends

I would definitley reccommend using Madame Risquée (Marco and his team) who went out of their way to organise a location
for us when there was no space due to a last minute booking request.
We were all in our 40s and wasn't sure if this was right for us! But we had such an amazing evening - way beyond our expectations.
Nina was so relaxed and friendly with a wonderful way of bringing out each individual.
We had a beautiful location, the bride-to-be loved it and the ending was so special.
We are looking forward to trying Burlesque again and are all converts!

Burlesque Workshop on Dutch TV: private workshop by coach Nina.

Burlesque Workshop promo

coach Nina

coach Deena

Host ‘Charley’

A word from the management:



From 2008 onwards our team delivers a wonderful, excellent quality Burlesque workshop. It started with American and English teachers / performers. We have listened to the participants and now with the current teachers the workshop has evolved into the most fun in town. That is because of this:

TOP COACH: This teachers aren’t just a dancer who do the same programme every time, it’s the personal touch that counts. Besides burlesque performers the coaches are also theater makers and teachers for all ages. Above all the coach makes real contact with the group and individuals. She has the gift to make people feel at ease and will adapt to the group in order to get the best atmosphere. That’s why you are in for a true unique experience. There is always laughter and sometimes even a tear after the bride to be gets the ‘Love Shower’ from her girlfriends.

TOP LOCATION: On the border of 'De Jordaan' quarter in historic Amsterdam! Very handy for all your other activities like restaurant, boat trip, bar, terrace or photo session! Ask for more info.

TOP ATMOSPHERE: The fun already starts when yours truly welcomes you. After my introduction of the teacher I will leave and you will be with the ‘girls only’ in order to have the most of fun. But the teacher also has a message: “this workshop is not about exciting a man, it’s about YOUR empowerment to feel free and sexy as you are!”. We also have accessories for you to use: 24 large feathered fans (unique for our workshop!) PLUS 3 more cases full of corsets, hats, boas, gloves etc. Not only nice to use in your performance but also great for the pictures you can make.

All the above makes the price of 35,- Euro per person (inclusive one glass Cava, chocolats etc.).Discount arrangements for groups of 11 and more.

Last but not least I want to thank all those participants who have complimented the teacher and the crew. Often we say to each other that this is one of the best things we ever realized. And every time we put our passion into the workshop.

“The burlesque workshop was the highlight of our day.” - Lisa
Also see all the other quotes, snapshots and films on this page.

Have a lot of fun!

Organiser of workshops and retro/burlesque parties.
DJ and owner Retrotainment agency ‘Madame Risquée’
For bookings or info call (0031) (0)620750027



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Today, burlesque is nothing short of an art form. Performers both male and female combine the most explosive aspects of costumery, dance, comedy and theater in a type of live entertainment that, of course, places nudity on a pedestal. Dita Von Teese and World Famous BOB have turned the tassel-friendly genre of performance into an evolving practice that challenges everything conventional -- from gender politics to sexuality and the public's perception of the naked body.

Burlesque has historic roots in America's minstrel culture, dating as far back as the 1840s. However, the version we know today -- a marriage of vaudevillian humor and striptease -- became popular in the early 1900s, when (mostly women) performers took to clubs and Broadway venues with their own brand of music, dance and provocative nudity. The era of Prohibition took a toll on the burlesque industry, as teetotaling politicians and authority figures took issue with both the performers and club owners that made burlesque possible. Thankfully, the genre bit back in the 1950s, as women like Sally Rand, Gypsy Rose Lee, Tempest Storm, Lili St. Cyr, and Blaze Starr emerged as boundary-pushing icons.
-Huffington Post article HERE - Wiki HERE




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